Google Ads Domination: How Targeted Google Ads campaign Transformed Local Screeding Company.


Speed Screed, a US-based screeding company, faced inconsistent and reduced sales.

Client's Goals

Speed Screed’s primary objective was to increase service sales, facing stagnation at 2-3 jobs monthly, with an average service value of $800 – $900 per job.

Our Approach
  • Webx Invaders implemented a comprehensive strategy involving targeted Google Ads campaigns.
  • Social media platforms, especially Facebook and YouTube, were optimized for increased visibility.
  • User-generated content was leveraged to establish authenticity and connect with the audience.
  • The monthly ad spend of $1000 was strategically allocated for optimal results.
  • Google Ads were meticulously optimized to enhance visibility and lead generation.
  • Social media platforms played a pivotal role in creating a robust online presence.
  • User-generated content, especially from the Managing Director, added a personal touch.
Challenges Faced
  • Initial resistance from the client and adapting to a new digital landscape.
  • Overcoming challenges through strategic planning and execution.
Results Achieved
  • The Business witnessed a phenomenal increase in monthly jobs from 2-3 to an impressive 8-11 within the next 40 days of the campaign launch.
  • Increased ROI from an average of $2000 per month to $8000 per month which was 250% considering the expenses.
  • AI implementation streamlined processes, automating email and social media responses.
  • Acheived ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) of 3.
  • Increased Website Traffic from 300 Monthly users to 750-800 Monthly users.